“It takes a certain type of person to generate so much focus, excitement and energy about their work, then be able to share that and their knowledge with another person. Reggie Bradshaw, is one of those unique individuals who I have been lucky enough to work with. His attention to detail, drive and patience have been the biggest factors that have kept me in high spirits throughout my journey; which we all know can be challenging at times.

He has helped me define goals and set up programs to help hit those targets and, yes! I am seeing the results I want. He is inspirational and motivating and I really know he cares, because he always stacks on a few more pounds if I told him a had a slice of pizza…But truly, Reggie Bradshaw, is who you want by your side, cheering you on, guiding you to be a better you and spotting you of course; so when you fail on that 8th set and your arms give out…you know he’ll be there catching that barbell so it doesn’t choke you out (true story). #Grateful for you Reggie and see you in the gym.”