Marika Harris



Marika’s primary goal is to empower individuals to find joy in movement and develop confidence in their body’s ability to engage in the activities they love. Her expertise extends beyond injury rehabilitation, seeking to bridge the transition from recovery to peak performance. As a lover of all things barbell and resistance training, she is well-versed in the art of building strength and endurance. Marika has a genuine passion for helping people reach their peak physical potential and guiding them to their strongest selves. She also recognizes the profound impact that our mental state and environment have on our bodies, and conversely, how we can use movement to influence our mental state.

Marika completed her Bachelor of Human Kinetics at UBC Okanagan and continued on to pursue a Master of Physical Therapy at UBC. Movement is not just a profession but a way of life, so you’ll never catch her without some form of activity – whether it’s powerlifting, yoga, running, hiking, cycling, or trying out a new sport.