As a local, Greg grew up engaged in various sports and outdoor activities, which made physiotherapy a natural choice for his future career. He completed a Masters of Science in Physical Therapy at the University of Alberta, following a Bachelor degree in Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia.

In his years as a physiotherapist, Greg gained valuable experience and knowledge through several credentialed courses and work opportunities. He has become certified in dry needling/intramuscular stimulation (IMS), concussion rehabilitation, manual therapy and running rehabilitation. He has also taken advanced courses pertaining to spinal, pelvic, lower extremity and shoulder regions of the body. Having worked for several years with collegiate level men’s ice hockey, Greg became especially proficient with hip, groin and lumbar spine injuries. Greg’s treatment style is a combination of hands-on, guided exercises and education. He believes in working with his patients to determine the most appropriate and realistic pathways to success, catered to each person.

In his spare time, Greg enjoys keeping active through weight lifting, biking, hiking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, basketball, volleyball, golf and (very) occasionally running. He also likes traveling and watching football, and he just happens to have a grotesquely spoiled orange cat named Rufus.