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With the way things are going down and all of us in isolation, we wanted to share a GBC (German Body Comp) fat loss workout that you can do at home.
What is GBC programming and why is it so effective?
We simply pair exercises in a way that allows you to work at maximal intensity each set since we are alternating between lower/upper body and posterior/anterior chain exercises. This will lower the pH in your blood, making it more acidic. The body will then respond by releasing GH (growth hormone) and IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor-1) to buffer this lactic acid. These two hormones are amazing for burning off that stubborn fat and building lean muscle!
What You’ll Need: 2 kettlebells, TRX, and a door frame mounted pull up bar.
Here’s the workout:
Part A: Warm Up – 3 Sets
A1. KB Halo – 10 reps each way
A2. Cossack squat – 8 reps (use TRX if unsupported is too difficult)
A3. Single arm KB shoulder press – 8 reps
Part B: Do B1 to B4 and repeat 4x with 30s rest between moves.
B1. Single or Double Arm KB swings – 30 reps
B2. Push ups – elevated on KBs or chair – 8-10 reps
B3. TRX Jump squats – 20 reps
B4. TRX Inverted Row – 8-10 reps
Part C: Do C1 to C4 and repeat 4x with 30s rest between moves.
C1. KB Semi Sumo Deadlift – 12-15 reps
C2. KB Floor Press – 12-15 reps
C3. TRX Floating Lunge – 12 reps
C4. KB Gorilla Row – 10 reps
Beginner: Do one series only (B or C) and take 60 second break between sets.
Intermediate: Do both B and C series but only 3 sets instead of 4.

Advanced: Do as written.

For more details of if you have any questions, please contact us!