"Reggie trained me during a movie I shot in Vancouver 2 years ago, and he remains my friend today. In fact, I still turn to him for nutrition and supplementation advice these days as he is the most knowledgable and studied person I have ever met in those fields. We even meet up in California for a workout a couple of times a year! Reggie has dedicated his life to health and fitness and it shows not only in his own physique but (arguably more important) it shows in his clients. He's a pro. He's a gentleman. He's a badass."

-James Maslow, star of 'Big Time', 'Rush' and 'Seeds of Yesterday'

"To find a good trainer is hard. To find a great trainer feels impossible. But to find a trainer who engages and encourages you every step of the way is a rarity. I've found that in Reggie. He pays attention to your progress and knows how to challenge you. He guides and adjusts as necessary. The results speak volumes and I am so grateful for having him to push me to reach my goals. He's hands down the best trainer I've had."

-Shantel VanSanten, star of One Tree Hill and USA Network TV Series 'Shooter'

"Anyone who's had the opportunity to train with Reggie Bradshaw knows what a special trainer he is. He and I met last August and begin training shortly thereafter. We've been training together for just under a year. What first struck me about Reggie was that he seemed to genuinely care about his clients and regularly went above and beyond (what's expected of a trainer) for them. Whether it be accommodating a last-minute schedule change, staying after a session to help rehab an injury or even just answering a text at 10pm, one thing is made very clear - when you work with Reggie, you know he's in your corner and always willing to do whatever it takes to help you reach your goals.   Before this testimonial turns into a full-blown love letter, allow me to quickly recap the reasons why I choose to train with Reggie. For starters, he gets results. After our first two months of training together I saw a noticeable increase in lean muscle growth as well as a decrease in overall body fat percentage. I share this only to help convey this simple point- the man knows his stuff. Every aspect of his training programs as well as his food/supplement plans are painstakingly designed to best address the client's specific goals. He's incredibly punctual, professional and knows how to strike the perfect balance of drill instructor and personal cheerleader.

Reggie continually pushes himself to keep learning to stay current with the latest in sports science, nutrition, etc. Not only do I respect his work ethic, but watching him hustle reminds me that there's never an excuse for me to stop challenging myself, no matter what my ego tries to tells me. Furthermore, the more he reads and learns, the more new training techniques he adds into our workouts, which keep things fresh and challenging (and sometimes painful, but hey- no pain, no gain, right?).

Reggie is incredibly accommodating to my constantly changing schedule, always willing to try and move things around to ensure I don't miss a workout. On more than one occasion, he's re-scheduled his entire day to ensure that we wouldn't miss a day of training. As much as I'd love to say I'm the only client he does that for, it'd be a stone cold fib as he tries to accommodate the ever-changing schedules of as many of his clients as is humanly possible.

He's patient, encouraging and supportive but always holds me accountable for my actions (i.e. how many cheat meals did I have this weekend?) and doesn't co-sign any of my b.s. The bottom line is this- Reggie has the intelligence, experience, personality and work ethic to be a fantastic trainer, that's obvious.
But in my opinion, what elevates him beyond his peers is his genuine interest in seeing his clients minds and bodies change for the better. It's that same desire that continually pushes him to better himself and never give less than 100%. Long live the Regginator!"

-Robert Buckley, star of One Tree Hill and CW's iZombie

"Reggie is one of the most motivating, innovative and truly transformative trainers I've ever had the pleasure working with. His sessions will get you in and out with guaranteed results and leave you with giant smile on your face! He has kept me camera ready all season long during filming and I can't recommend him enough to everyone! Truly grateful to him for his help and his friendship."

-Lindsey Morgan, star of CW's The 100

"I love Reggie's tailored, holistic approach to personal training. He addresses each client's specific needs in regards to fitness, nutrition, injury management and recovery. He also creates tailored programs to keep me on track while I'm traveling. Working out with Reggie makes me look forward to shooting in Vancouver."

-Bella Heathcote, '50 Shades Darker' and 'Man In The High Castle'

"It takes a certain type of person to generate so much focus, excitement and energy about their work, then be able to share that and their knowledge with another person. Reggie Bradshaw, is one of those unique individuals who I have been lucky enough to work with. His attention to detail, drive and patience have been the biggest factors that have kept me in high spirits throughout my journey; which we all know can be challenging at times.

He has helped me define goals and set up programs to help hit those targets and, yes! I am seeing the results I want. He is inspirational and motivating and I really know he cares, because he always stacks on a few more pounds if I told him a had a slice of pizza...But truly, Reggie Bradshaw, is who you want by your side, cheering you on, guiding you to be a better you and spotting you of course; so when you fail on that 8th set and your arms give out...you know he'll be there catching that barbell so it doesn't choke you out (true story). #Grateful for you Reggie and see you in the gym."

-Elysia Rotaru, star of CW's Arrow

"Training with Reggie is like working out with your friend, which is pretty unusual when you think about a trainer. Most people dread their time with a trainer because they get their asses kicked in a merciless way. But with Reggie, sessions don't feel like something dreadful. Working out with him is fun and if you follow his fitness regiment, which is very precise and effective, you will absolutely see results.He is incredibly knowledgeable about nutrition, fitness and living a healthy lifestyle- all of which is a result of his extensive education and athletic experience."

-Jarod Joseph, star of CW's The 100 and Mistresses

"Reggie introduced me to the world of strength training. The amount of knowledge and expertise that he has delivered is impressive. Every session has been extremely valuable to me holistically. Supplemental exercises, meal plans, you name it. Reggie is a results-based coach."

-Reiko Mackenzie, Real House Wives of Vancouver