Reggie Bradshaw - Founder, Master Strength Coach

Reggie is an Elite Strength Coach/Master Trainer based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. As a former professional athlete himself (and a 2008 CFL draft pick), he made the decision to focus his efforts on personal training and building the Rize Fitness brand – today, Reggie is one of the most sought after personal trainers in the lower mainland. With his extensive knowledge and passion for health and fitness, Reggie has developed a training system that has attracted a clientele that ranges from professional athletes, to the stars of everyone’s favorite TV shows and movies.

Reggie invests his time in making sure that his clients have the best of what he has to offer by constantly upgrading his certifications, ensuring that he has the most effective skill set to get whoever he is training in the best shape as fast and as safely as possible.


- BA Sociology, Minor Psychology
- Poliquin Level 1 PICP
- Poliquin Level 2 PICP
- Poliquin Level 3 PICP
- Poliquin Level 4 PICP
- Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner Level 1
- Poliquin Biosignature Practitioner Level 2
- Can Fit Pro CPT
- CSCS – Practical (Completed)
- CSCS – Scientific Method (In Progress)
- AGATSU – Level 1 Kettle Bell Instructor
- AGATSU – Level 1 Joint Mobility & Movement
- TRX – Certified Instructor
- TRX – RIP Cord Instructor
- VIPR – Functional Movement Instructor
- Crossfit – Level 1 Instructor
- Certified Olympic Weight Lifting Instructor
- Member of the NSCA
- Tae Kwon Do Black Belt
- Karate Brown Belt
- ICANS - Nutritional Medicine Profile - Level 1
- Adaptive body work - Level 1
- Muscle Nerds Foundations.

Jade McClure - Senior Trainer

Jade has made a mark on the Vancouver fitness community over the past 17 years by offering his clients much more than just a workout. Rather, they are treated to his holistic approach, called “The Jade Way”, that encompasses Exercise, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. By modifying “The Jade Way” to personally fit each of his client's personal goals and needs, Jade builds comprehensive exercise and nutrition plans that get results! He incorporates in-depth health and exercise evaluations, strength training and nutrition coaching to produce dramatic results for each individual client. Jade’s work is visibly noticeable with his impressive Before & After results and testimonial list.

Jade continually works closely with the worlds most renowned coaches in order to improve his craft. He's always learning to stay at the top of his field.

Some of his certifications include The International Sports Sciences Association, the prestigious C.H.E.K. Institute, The Clean Health Institute in Australia, The Kilo Strength Society in Huntington Beach and even the Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin.

“One of my greatest joys is to see people get healthier, to help them exceed their expectations and actualize their goals. All while realizing that exercise is fun”.

Bronwyn Kirk - Strength Coach

Bronwyn knows as a former athlete what it takes to be committed to fitness and living a healthy lifestyle. Bronwyn started playing soccer from the age of 7 and continued to do so for the next 11 years. She knows what it takes to be at the top of her sport; placing top 3 in the province, 3 years in a row.

After ending her career in soccer, she turned her focus to helping others with their own fitness journeys. Bronwyn has experience in all types of gym settings from corporate to private studios to old age homes. Bronwyn has also worked with all types and ages of clients ranging from 16-91; from wanting to be able to walk upstairs independently to preparing for a first triathlon. She has worked all around the city and more recently worked at a well-known corporate gym where she was one of the few high performing trainers.

Bronwyn is a Senior Fitness Specialist and is very passionate about helping seniors stay young at heart and having a positive outlook on life. She loves to educate seniors (55+) about resistance training and the benefits it can have especially as you prepare for the effects of aging. Bronwyn is also a Corrective Exercise Specialist, which mainly focuses on postural issues and muscle imbalances. Bronwyn firmly believes that poor posture weighs on you and can create more underlying problems then recognized. This is tightly associated with senior fitness as most adults 55+ have spent their lives in habits that have caused postural issues like Dowagers hump.

Bronwyn is also a big believer in taking care of your mental health and putting it at the top of your list. Bronwyn can relate directly to this as she deals with her own mental health issues and speaks openly about her struggles. She believes the best way to work on your mental health is exercise, as it has been proven to help with depression, anxiety, ADHD and PTSD. Bronwyn believes that your first prescription should be starting an exercise program!

“My goal is to have every one of my clients accomplish their fitness journey while also becoming their best-self. If every time they leave their training session a little happier and more confident in themselves then I know I’ve done my job.”

Aubrey Shannon - Naturopathic Doctor (ND)

Originally from B.C.’s interior, Aubrey earned her undergraduate Bachelor of Science degree at Thompson Rivers University. Following her undergraduate degree, she conducted research in the field of medical microbiology and was published in 2010. This work introduced her to the field of medical herbalism prompting her enrollment in the Naturopathic Medical Program at the Boucher Institute in New Westminster.

Aubrey’s academic and professional successes are underlined and complimented by her persevering passion for not only treating surface-level symptoms and singular illnesses, but approaching the health of patients on the whole. She feels compelled to simplify the process of finding medical solutions, as navigating the healthcare system can oftentimes become daunting for those in need of answers. The principles of naturopathic medicine allow Aubrey to serve as a multi-faceted, highly knowledgeable and singular resource for those that she cares for.

Pain management through regenerative injection techniques, women’s health, and stress-induced illness fall under Aubrey’s umbrella of particular interests and focuses. Aside from medicine, Aubrey has an innate love of the outdoors, she enjoys snowboarding in the winter, cycling and golf in the warmer months.

Marley Smith - Fascial Stretch Therapist (BS Kinesiology)

Marley grew up in Whistler with a passion for the outdoors. Much of his love for sport stems from skiing at a young age and quickly translated into most other sports that this region has to offer. He spends his spare time mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, SUP’ing & surfing in Tofino. As with many young athletes, Marley ended up injuring himself in multiple ski accidents and grew frustrated with the pain and immobility in his shoulders. He moved to Vancouver to pursue an education in the sports field and received his bachelor of Kinesiology at the University of British Columbia. Following post-secondary studies he went on to study Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) and got certified in Phoenix, Arizona under the teachings of FST founders Ann and Chris Frederick. Marley has a passion for helping people get back to their sports by using corrective FST techniques to improve mobility, stabilize joints and relieve chronic pain.


• Improves muscle function and posture
• Increases muscular strength and endurance
• Reduces muscle tension and soreness
• Improves sport specific performance
• Reduces fatigue and risk of injury
• Increases energy levels
• Heals injured cells
• Restores balance and symmetry to the body

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST)?

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is an assisted stretching technique that focuses on the muscles, joints, and connective tissues. As the client lays on the treatment table, the therapist uses gentle traction to create space within the joint allowing for a much deeper stretch. The focus of FST is to help correct imbalances within the body and facilitate relaxation of the muscles and nervous system. This is accomplished by gently assisting clients through a specific series of stretches that target deep within the tissue and joint capsules; working out adhesions, fascial thickenings or trigger points that may be causing issues of immobility. FST is an excellent treatment choice for those wanting to improve mobility and flexibility, recover from training, and prevent injury.

What is Fascia?

Fascia is a complex network of layered connective tissue that penetrates through and encompasses muscles, bones and joints. It acts as a whole-body communication network capable of receiving and transmitting sensory information from outside and inside the body, affecting proprioception. Restricted fascia and joint capsules negatively affect the bodies ability to produce strength, speed, power, agility, and quickness and can cause numerous conditions such as increased muscle tightness, strains, headaches, painful movement, formation of scar tissue, decreased blood flow, reduced energy levels, or even osteoarthritis

Amanda Vickers - Physiotherapist (MSc)

Born and raised in Vancouver, Amanda attended the University of British Columbia and completed a Bachelor of Human Kinetics degree in Kinesiology and Health Science. After completing her degree, Amanda worked as a kinesiologist before deciding to continue on to do her Masters degree in Physical Therapy, which she completed at Queens University.

Since graduating, Amanda has become certified in advanced manual therapy, dry needling/intra - muscular stimulation (IMS), soft tissue release, vestibular and concussion rehabilitation, and has recently added acupuncture to her practice. In the community, Amanda is the lead physiotherapist with the over six hundred Vancouver All Stars athletes, speaks at local fitness and retails centres and does consulting work for Barre Fitness at their various locations.

Coming from an athletic background as a former competitive dancer and Team Canada cheerleader, Amanda finds it very exciting to work with athletes of similar backgrounds.

As she is no longer competing, Amanda has branched off to other forms of physical activity to maintain an active lifestyle. She enjoys weight training, running half marathons, practicing yoga and has recently started the transition from spinning to road biking. During her time off, Amanda is an avid traveler. Day to day hobbies anything active, but she also enjoys cooking, baking and visiting any of Vancouver’s culinary hot spots.

Becoming a physiotherapist was a natural choice for Amanda due to the fields’ emphasis on empowering clients to take the lead in their rehabilitation. She truly believes that by giving clients the tools required, they can work together on meeting rehabilitation goals and prevent future injuries.

Certifications and Qualifications

• Registered Physiotherapist (MScPT)
• Functional Dry Needling (FDN)/ Intramuscular Stimulation (IMS)
• Acupuncture
• Vestibular Rehabiliation
• Concussion Rehabilitation
• Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilizations (IASTM)

Elysa Mollica - Registered Massage Therapist

Elysa is a graduate from the Vancouver College of Massage Therapy. She has been in the massage therapy industry for nearly two years. In addition to having an extensive background in personal training and fitness competitions, she has a passion for professional dance. Elysa integrates functional aspects of personal training into treatment and home-care to ensure each patient leaves with the intention of continuing their rehabilitation program at home with confidence.

Elysa considers her style of treatment to be more muscle manipulation than a traditional massage; little creams/oils are used throughout treatment in order to fully manipulate each target area. Elysa is both efficient and effective when addressing her patient’s immediate concerns. Each patient receives a plan of action for their personalized long-term goals.

The Vancouver College of Massage Therapy has allowed Elysa to gain experience in a variety of massage areas including but not limited to: athletic rehabilitation, pregnancy, systemic conditions, migraines, TMJ, and spinal cord injuries. Elysa utilizes fundamental treatment modalities including therapeutic practices such as: deep tissue, trigger point, neuromuscular, craniosacral, joint mobilization (stretching), myofascial therapy, and P.N.F. (Peripheral Neuromuscular Fascilation Stretching).