Get Fit, Rize Up.

Get fit on your own terms with help & guidance from our elite fitness trainers.

Rize Fitness is a Vancouver-based company built by a team of elite strength and conditioning coaches.
Whether our clients are looking to get strong, start weight-lifting, or improve their current workout regime, Rize Fitness can create a program tailored to their specific needs.
"Rize Up"
"Rize Fitness believes in leading by example and lives through its company slogan: Rize Up - which means to always find a way to persevere, to find a way to push forward, and to find a way to "Rize Up" to a presented challange,"

-Reggie Bradshaw, Founder, Rize Fitness
We help our clients improve physical strength and mental well-being.
"Reggie introduced me to the world of strength training. The amount of knowledge and expertise that he has delivered is impressive. Every session has been extremely valuable to me holistically. Supplemental exercises, meal plans, you name it. Reggie is a results-based coach." -Reiko MacKenzie, Real Housewives of Vancouver